Why is it good to take the NIPT by GenePlanet test?

The NIPT by GenePlanet test is available from the 10th week of pregnancy onward, which allows you to learn early about the genetic health of your child.

Compared to traditional screening tests, our test offers higher sensitivity and smaller percentage of false positive results. This means that fewer women are exposed to invasive diagnostic procedures, such as amniocentesis or chorionic syringes, which pose a 1-2 % risk for abortion.

Comparison of detection rates

> 99 %
Available from week 10

Integrated Screening

< 96 %
Available from week 15

Serum Integrated Screening

< 88 %
Available from week 15

Quad Screening

< 81 %
Available from week 15

First Trimester Screening

< 80 %
Available from week 10

Our test is non-invasive, which means it does not pose any risk to the mother or the child.

Is NIPT by GenePlanet the right choice for me?

The NIPT by GenePlanet test can be taken by any pregnant woman after 10th week of pregnancy onward and is especially suitable for pregnant women with one of the indications mentioned below.

Before taking any non-invasive prenatal test, please consult a qualified medical practitioner about the risks, diagnosis, treatment and/or other important health issues.

The NIPT by GenePlanet test is particularly suitable for pregnant women with any of the following indications:

Age of 35 years or more upon childbirth.

The existence of contraindications for invasive prenatal testing, such as placenta previa or higher risk for abortion or HBV infection.

The ultrasound of the fetus indicates an increased risk for aneuploidy.

History of previously affected pregnancy with trisomy.

The wish for assurance due to previous screening results.

Treatment with IVF or previous recurrent abortions.

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During the COVID-19 the testing and sample analyses remain safe and do not represent any risk for the fetus.

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